Night Caller

Awakened into life

Space boundless

Jupiter Dancing

Saturn raising red dust

Stars all clapping wishes

Burning of full energy

Reeking of vibrant peace

Distance attained

Differences only a memory

Views from a different world

Roaming plants only allowed

Far out, onto the yellow brick road

Wide awakened, still

Intact with the high plains

Down seems further beyond

Here, here

Only on these clouds

will I sing and jubilate

Nothing holding

So I must confess

Of joy and love

Yeah, nothing holding me

So I must confess

Of joy and endless love

Sand, Shells and Red Corals

Clusters of distant souls

All bright shinning

Star light years ahead

Retelling existence

Origins beyond books

Crystal bells ringing

Adding to the hue

of sparkling red

Blue waters, mesmerizing 

Ancient tales told in energy

Sang by the angels of Osanouba

Holders of the beginning 

Creators of the ends of time

Changing Seasons

Miracles bound by hands of hope

The gathering of seasoned hearts

Lacking any form of hostility 

Prayers reaching sky high

Their voices filling empty seas

For they seek things standing above

Nations come causing confusion

Yet, they remain

Unity, kindred

passed down from generations

Of their mothers and fathers spirits

Good intentions replicating

through changing seasons 

five days of peace

out of control

out of mind

don’t matter

high in spirit

less with secrets

got my sleeves rolled

scars and blunts


paper all through the streets

got my head right

focused like a deer

head light, never missing

always stretching


traits of a winner

always polished, flying

even without kiwi wings

black against the sun

one with all


Been a while

Caution me

For, I might wander off a bit

Nothing strong in hand

Just corona for guidance

Liston’s summer nights behind


Been a while

I mershed ink

Digital or not

Took a minute to come back

Had to chase round my thoughts

Distractions in different shapes

Started a trend

a love never passing September


been a while

my heart melted





into words

my spirit


out in the night

of sky time


amongst letters and stars