lung 4 her

Sometimes i shut down
Emotions away
Refusing to look up
Im good love…
Liar eyes
So much fire around
Times like this
I wish i’d hit the dro
Times like this
I wish my lungs were greenfilled

Sometimes i shut down
Lungs tucked,
locked with green
Refusing to look up
Im chilling babe…
Lying scent
So much baggage
Times like this
I wish i’d unwind on her nakedness
Blue linen covering us
Times like this
I wish her kiss could find lips
mine, life within her every tongue touch

What if

What if I, finally awake
Opens hell doors
And find the city in shambles
Thorns interwined

Babies vaccinating
Drugs infesting
Preachers lying
Soil poisoning
Africa draining
Secret power rising
Hate passing
Weapon building
Spirit sinking
Voilence coating
Soul losing
Gold tasting
Zion destroyed

What if I, finally walk out
the world behind
The stars within reach
A new Jerusalem, I hope to see

Night after Day

At night, the soul comes out alive
Cool air, a breeze away
from the sun’s restless ways
Free to roam all alone
Wrapped round the stars
Waiting on nothing but patience

Interrupted by these vices
Familiar faces, accustomed smiles
Take what you need
This valley goes down deep
Take what you need
The world’s falling apart
Take what you need
But remember you can stop
Flee! away from this rat race

Awakened from behemoth dreams
Blurry trips and broken shields
Haunted, running
A race full of tremor sounds
Hearts audibles and cricket interludes
Awakened from this space
Jungle man and predator eyes
Hunting, hunted
A relief confirmed by my blood and sweat

by the fire

swam across
into a deep well
Mushrooms for color
Black and white sight
Men and women
Red and spades
By the fire
I see them
United under black clouds
I see them
Brown skin splashing with fire
Shinning pure gold
Spinning wheels
I see them
Round round
I circle through time
Burning bush
Plants for breathing
Through the lands
I see my fathers people
By the fire
Wrapped comfortably by blue

sky wall//forest crossing

Tying melodic knots
Interwined by destiny
Sealed by fingerprints
I remain high
Knowing my fate
Up here
The pain rides slower
So i glide better
Ever so much
Better than i ever did
These old colors
feel new in beating red

Old fashion tusks
Stained with bullets scars
My rough skin wades
Lighter with each pull
I stand tall, falling deep within

Mammoth, mammoth being
I call you
Do you not see them?
Why have you refused to not move?
There you stand receiving all
Bullet holes filled with forced pain
Yet you dance
Raising earth and dust
Your enchanting foot steps
leaves me doing the same jivving here on cloud dust
as i look down onto you
with my peace of mind

Galatic High

Smoke some
Easy there
Brooms? sure
Tag out, peel in
Try it
Life is short, right?
Free your mind
Cave in
Shout out
Trippy zeals
Hyyer plains
Sky beyond
Stars tip felt
All within a reach
By the mountain
Fountain dip
Spring youth
Up and up
you can go
till your heart melts
and soul walks
life kissed
Devil eyes
Angelic calm
Red sea divided
Rocks on,
Whisky and Danielle
Up this plato
Slurped words rests
Peace on shoulder
Worries peering
life aches too
For now
Hyyer and Hyyer we go