Walking down the street

Hands swaying side by side

Exchange pain with a smile

care free

I’m going with the winds today

Left my baggage somewhere i forget

Here’s a moment I found

Full with hope

No one can stop me

Forward as I go

Unravel mystery as gifts

Deep melodies in tongue

Hearts kicking, full with a bounce

Smile today

Grab love

Sing along

Release your heaviness

Light in heart

Grab the sun, if you can

Forget the burns

Feel the warmth

Calm the raging voice

Strides and strides

Onwards with your smile

Today’s a new day

stories from past winter

Wished myself to the depths of the den

Looming presence, air shut tight

Meet with the head of the pride

His teeth blaring naked white

Growls formed into words

You came after all the said lies

You believed the implanted illusions 

Guided with greed, you flew

from the safety of the forest

skin, eyes and soul, all of you, present now


Beast revealing, different forms

different man-made lies the world has accepted

all boxed into a hallucinating bottle coated with pure gold


I am here

In the belly of the beast

I am here

hear the growls of lost souls

I am here

fervently seeking a way back home

Poe’s Man Dream : to be wealthy in spirit

Somedays, when my pile of storms fills up

I restrain, then convulse and realize that

I want to tear out my skin

plug out my eyes, burn out my tongue

dismantle my weary bones

bury my dripping brain beneath

and just walk out alive

spirit free

Choices without limitations

Free from all the vexation

Free to fly away from classifications

Free to unearth even more deeper lights

Somedays, I wish this skin of mine had me free

free from all these colored lines

Barnawa Crescent

Lowcost houses
Zincs and ceilings
Nepa and light rations
Child dreams and nursery habits
Picking nose and run arounds
Girl chasing, innocence slowly dancing
Yes, a doctor
Yes, an engineer
Yes, when I grow up
All of that I want

Like yesterday, I remember
A tee, shorts and some slippers
Up high in the tree
Mango chewing, juice stains
Eyes wide, round like the world
Always staring, drifting with the savanna
Filling heart with wavy thoughts
Stop! There!! I see her!!!
In front of the sunset
Mama coming back from work
Handbag and goodies, cross checked
Race with full strength,
Up the hill, I go
Welcome, welcome home
Strong arms gracing growing bones
Her scent carrying the Nile’s warmth
Walking back
Feeling proud
A young King with my Iye’s guidance
Yes, I remember that
Supreme Ice cream, and
Suya if her day went well

Back home
Rumbling through Santana bags
Full of fruits and sugary things
Close behind, there he is
Back and forth
Pranks and chuckles
Best friends, both up to no good

Who Knew?
Just innocence draining
Childhood filling: Stories
Yes, I remember
Yes, a doctor
Yes, an engineer
Yes, when we grow up
All of that we want

Growing Apart

Out in the blue
Far into the sea
Against the tide
I feel you close
Your hair with the wind
Flowing to the east
I feel your skin
Where into?
Distance in between

Out with the sea
Your touch feels warm
Sweet like berry
Eyes feather-soft
Looking ahead
I feel you close
Your mind with the calm
Growing with the waves
I feel your heart
Beat by beat
We close the gap

Blurry sight, so
Hurry up and leave behind
the good things
You only worry about
the tags and bags
we both will live forever