New Message

I was conceived from the mind
Birthed into my thoughts
Finding gravity to walk on
Grew up calculating my mistakes
Now, another platform exists
One I must use to survive
These boxes requires a constant gaze
Barely looking up to the stars
Leaves no room for a divided attention
Always peeking at new updates
while on the highway, driving
I pray there’s no traffic on 95 south today
So this eternal torture may be easier to take on soul

Beautiful Vanity

Beautiful lies
Coated with dreamy feels
Smooth as steamy silk
Clouds of emerald green
Burn and smoke
Inhale these vices, for
You will never know
These deceptive desires
Full with false hope
You will never know, I tell you
All these vanity goals
Full with false ambitions
You’ll never know, I must tell you
Until you’re finally caged,
trapped in the devil’s den

Dante’s Plagues

To find love
To feel love
To fight love
To hold love
All deep in the depths of hell
To be judged for love
To sin for love

In hell, I reside
Blinded by the ancient one
Burning souls crying for things
Valueless, such a pity
Unable to heal these gaping wounds

In this state lacking good deeds
Where balance was sorth after
Faith remained immeasurable
This place of contemplating

I am not a good man
Pain, betrayal, acceptance

Cars and More Cars

Mechanical things, I see
This past years has me
breathing all things industrial
Robotic arms, all on ground
Moving by the second, faster
than a big brown stallion
Unnatural with the fast pace
Still I move further
Cutting my way through time
Hoping to disappear
Leaving behind a trace of color
More of a homage from my heart
I mean engine, as the gear changes
Dissipating as the oil reduces
Hoping I don’t leak
Bumping recklessly, loosing suspension
Rubber marks and rubber smell
Always replaced letting in the new tear

Simple World: a diary in space

Found my being in space
Eye balls both blown out
Raised hair spiked with electricity
Chakra moving through my thoughts
Black space
A canvass to create another masterpiece
Where’s my lab coat though?

Another moment
In a state of inhabited silence
Particles of my flesh floating
Body organs close to touch
Are those my bones over there by the red looking boulder?
Wait are those space ships?
Sheet! Things are getting more weird
Bright zooming lights,
alien abduction?
I’ll probably get a pros…..?

A spring of thought
Sight of internal influence
Expressed with a clear view
All co-existing in one entity
Planets living with planets
A star with a star
A soul with flesh
See where I’m going?
Galaxies all compresses with life
Some of which: walk, move, eat, produce, create, and of course destroy
All carefully held by their belief of existing
Well, thats my view from up here
Here in this circular motion of black space

Jazz for sure

If there was a theme music for space
Jazz for sure, it will be
Galaxies full of stars
Rhythms wrapped around
orthodox melodies
Exhaling and inhaling
Planetary systems breathing life out
Birth of crystal lights
Electricity combining
with heavenly and waterly bodies
Beautiful death
Though repeating the loop
For the music lives on
through different forms
Just like
Jazz, for sure