Been a while

Caution me

For, I might wander off a bit

Nothing strong in hand

Just corona for guidance

Liston’s summer nights behind


Been a while

I mershed ink

Digital or not

Took a minute to come back

Had to chase round my thoughts

Distractions in different shapes

Started a trend

a love never passing September


been a while

my heart melted





into words

my spirit


out in the night

of sky time


amongst letters and stars

daylight transitions

Turn the tunez on
I seek only you
See you when the sun come down
Your body on mine
Left your man for me
Yeah, yeah
Now you’re all mine
Yeah, i cant sweat it
All by ourselves
Our world created
Afternoon marathons
Shapes we cant pronounce
Movements made
Yoga or not
We both carved
Serene under the evening skies
Grinding till the night covers all
Yeah, us two
Too far gone
Stairways to bliss
Crossing over
Heated air
Clustered, merged
Lips, hands, thighs
I drive, you drive
Beamer outside
Skyline reaching
Spaceships, stars bright
The rounds of sweet life
Fruits we both can bite
Times we both call precious
Forth into static gazing

am thoughts

Late out in the night
Sky time got me
Prayer hands
Blessings to God
Far out there
Blessings to the creator
Up out there
Down in here

Mirage mirage
Baby baby
Its all a mirage
Fly with me though
Crush some blue, will ya?
Roll some leaves, won’t ya?
fire please
I got you till the night over

Mirage mirage
Baby baby
Its always a dream with you
Tell me more
Your skin brown
Dilated eyes
Yeah i see all
when you dance
Yeah yeah
we see all
Moon lit skies
Two of us
made one unit
Yeah, forever n eva
Yeah yeah
Till the night fall over

far gone

How can I paint this properly?

When you there far away

Watching you

makes my night

brings the light


I can feel your energy

Trying to break free

From life’s bind


Two worlds

Souls searching for answers

Stuck in desires

Wants dressed in love

Dreams coated in silence


Seems like a wall

when I try

Like a bridge stretched

and you’re over there

Things left unsaid

Moments gone never retrieved

Two worlds never converging


For now I’ll leave

the rest for the later

and revisit for a drink and some laughter


Sins of our Forefathers

The words painted read betrayal

Living is the price we pay to die

Sin rubbed against the walls of the jungle

Signs our fathers left

Don’t you see the buildings falling?

Phasing into green leaves

As the sun pours the fire on earth

Shadows roam these streets

Forgetting the blood smeared on our houses

They search for the coward

who left behind hatred

The phase of our lives

Stages set in a point of solace

Cries made from water

Drank only after the party ends

The Return of Enoch

I woke up a crusader

Never a choice

Still I find the truth

In this blackened black oil

Without a blood stained blade

I find my way

Divinity combined in me

I wear my crown

A king birthed to death

I wear my crown

A beast birthed, jungle deep


Preacher, preacher

I hear your words

Though I see the gold you wear

Shinning brighter than the cross behind



They saying the world’s a square



Still I predict

I die a God’s son

Reincarnated into heaven’s bosom

Watch this space

I seek to unlock

Greatness without greed


Ring the bells

I want none of that false doctrine

Pressed together to form slavery

Ring the bells

I talked to God

Sinner I remain

Fully aware I must persevere in this devil’s den