Beyond Star lights and Destiny Fields

Murder, murder

Slaughter for the keeps

Sheep in wolves clothing

Casting shadows amongst the rest

Wisdom drank only after the demise

Too long to bring peace past destruction

Give and take

Life first

Although, now the other


always swapping

Lesson scribbled,

somehow showing balance


Murder, murder

Burn them all down

Cows fed milk

Humans fed by prices

Numbers showing souls

Phones bending spines

Spirits being snapped out


Breathe now

To live longer and fulfill,

beyond star lights and destiny fields


African Days Vision

In five years,

Sipping kunu, no processed drinks

Just sunshine, close to the beach

Possibly Cape Town?

Uganda or maybe suburban Lekki?


In five years,

Sitting, newspaper flipping

Tilapia on burner,


getting flipped

Beautiful music played on vinyl

King Sunny Ade, high life soaking


In five years,

I picture myself blessed with love

Away from the towers and rusts

Back home in huts and on red soils

Savannah nights experienced daily,


Freely, and


Belly of the Beast

African tales painted into motion canvasses
Black, red and bleak
Poverty, war and famine: usual suspects
all compacted into one long stretched out scene
I must yarn these swing reels
all ring out: hollow vessels

When surrounding a table,
under moonlit nights,
crime acts commenced
greedy monkeys and neck stretching ostriches sit and devise: revising.
Plans; schemes of
dividing the people’s wealth
hiding the people’s future
wringing puppets for decorated leaders
deep pockets, devil smiles:
going far beyond yonder
Their eyes full and brim with deceit
All staged, perfectly primed for a proper western lens
Though, somehow always missed by the Favreau’s

Yes, I gats yarn
Man must yarn
The world has moved, the jungle too
Black suited, the lions still roam and rule: white teeth glaring, baring
The world has picked up pace, the jungle also
Yet, we of the Africa lands are trapped,
held hostage to only show side-face: our death first

forthcoming dreams // shakara time

And at that stricken time
when the peace hour strikes soul
cold chills of winter long gone
blocked river pores shedding out water
birds of deep blue spring now awakened
I pray then, I recollect my sky bound thoughts;
my dreams of making it in America: accomplished

Wen dust don comot
Person gats see well well
I mean wen person body don free
Free from casala, ah last
Why den i no go shakara?
Abeg tell me why?
Tell me why man no go flex
Abeg tell me why?
Tell my why man no go shakara

Thinking Out Loud

Another heated day in Babylon’s grip, trapped
Living in a newly created generation: impatient
Birds; programmed; hidden, parading the middle-eastern skies, hunting
Tower tips still reaching up high, God vexing
Oxygen circulated, stagnant in dense smoky air: toxicity
Plants replacing, chemical mass murdering: stomach lynching
Stress filled disease spread, screen-coated as breaking news; shortened memory
Mechanical sounds screeching down below, disorderly
Dollar emoji’s stamped on flicking hands; vanity feeding
Truth, sweetly twisted into diamond fantasies, man-made blasphemy

I, swamped,
amidst these genocide happenings, skin deep battles
I, just another
Bini skinned man, walking,
freedom searching, motherland tunes singing
I, just another
sun touched man
thinking out loud in Babylon’s gaze; uncannily

Your Own Savior

When darkness clouds your soul
Every inch you move, pure abyss
Seeking faith, finding sin and bliss
Times like this comes aplenty
with rage full of storm battles
Destroying all you had built
At the end, after darkness eats you up
At the end of the day
know you were built to overcome evil
So carry that cross, that heavy baggage
Carry it well and God will be waiting for you at the cross.

seekin vanity // only 4 tonite

I seek no further grace
No more mercies, i’ve fallen too far
Just need me in that white coupe
Wings touching the skies tip
Life is that bitch
So imma pull out quick
I seek no further grace
No more favors, ive given too much
Just need my girl in that benz
Wheels shinning pure gold
Life is just a rat race
So imma blaze off on these 22s
Life sure is that bitch
with devil horns and tattoos full of thorns
always givin out pain
never wanting to receive hope
thats all i know
all ive seen these past years
I seek no eternal redemption
Just immortal vanity, only for tonight

back n forth

I read and look
for meaning within the book
With faith, i search
still i refuse to believe
Losing myself in babylons grip
Staring at the clouds
Hopin for answers
My sinning ways
keeps me locked, caged
Righteousness and grace
keeping me alive
Livin with traveler’s guilt
Burnin with green and greed
Layin with truth
Dreaming on lies
I recall and recollect, that
I am deep asleep in armageddon city

lung 4 her

Sometimes i shut down
Emotions away
Refusing to look up
Im good love…
Liar eyes
So much fire around
Times like this
I wish i’d hit the dro
Times like this
I wish my lungs were greenfilled

Sometimes i shut down
Lungs tucked,
locked with green
Refusing to look up
Im chilling babe…
Lying scent
So much baggage
Times like this
I wish i’d unwind on her nakedness
Blue linen covering us
Times like this
I wish her kiss could find lips
mine, life within her every tongue touch