Events of Earth Move in Cycles

At that time

I saw it all

I tell you

My eyes were shut

Still, I saw everything

The beginning

My beginning

In form of an egg

Light piercing through

Giving me life

I was awakened

Surreal like art, past

I was there


Reborn to a new point

Lines of old ventured memories

Scribbled, printed onto my palms

To remind and guide

I saw all

I tell you

I saw everything

The creation of Erinwmin

Mother welcoming

Like a gush of wind

Dragging fast past the stars

Like a race

Head on collision

Blurs of space

Burning stories onto my spirit

I saw all

I really must say

All was seen

Boundless space of infinite existence

breaking through Saturn rocks

Brought to a summation

To now

A place called earth

Yes, I must tell

before time had a name

we of the energy constellation


breathing along side

the planets

forms, all made whole by the one and true Osanobua


Simple World: Origins

Space..The beginning of all things created deep within the furnace called life. From void, we arrived. Celestial in size, eternal in depth, spirit beings in our true state. A speck of some form floating, wrapped tightly around milky linen sheets.

We, from the deep darkness awoken into the truth that is called Light have come very far.
Far, into the parallels of different points in existence, we have journeyed: timeless
I opened my eyes and my birth origins flashed right by. An enormous bird stayed stuck gliding on the wings of the gold coast skies, i saw.

I once dreamed. Dragged and buried under the ambient galaxies. Forced to witness my tomorrow unfold, my eyes free from any manipulations. The smell of daylight lingered strong pushing away the burnt reflections of any known pain. Here, stationed in this shuttle named tomorrow, i saw that indeed the human life in full was blunt with words and brief to experience. Like a good high..the memories vivid, duration always shortened.

Starting Point

Your shuttle’s about to combust
With your space suit still intact, you jet out
Leaving behind a tube of capsule
High into the stars
You float amongst the debris pile
Oxygen drastically depleting
Your lungs begin to change
As you stay stagnant
You see the whole world: earth
In its epic and lavished blue
You salivate, but the water’s down below
Now you know even from far across
The vices of the world will
Fight to bring you back down
Thoughts begin to fade
Memories flashing by, death whispering
You see your future and its pure blank
Yes, it is time
So with galactic honor
I welcome you back
To the starting point of your very existence