Fighting the evil within me

I see the devil in my actions

An angel’s wings torn apart by ghouls

Walking round trip in this hell

This world, this rough plains

My vision of heaven perturbed

Always disturbed,

I am drenched in lust

Oozing malice without regret

Forget all the white glory

My eye has been blurry with red wine

The water long gone

Forgot the party never stopped

A never ending celebration

Sinners coming together on Sunday

In church, demons wearing gold

Woke up cos I slept through death

Baptized yet I arose in Babylon’s grip


The angels sing my name

I hear them

Far away somewhere, where my innocence escaped to

Beyond clouds, black and blue

Skin, eyes, color, taste

Blood, lineage, memories

Stars mixed with orbital sacrifices


Yes, I fight

Then I win

In my mind first

Then, third, my sight

Chorus, victorious revving

White fleeced sheep in a rotten herd

Stained but cleaned

Rinsed by salvation

Dusted away clouts from lungs

Green breeze,

Morning dew, healing

One that bridges

man and the spirit world

the sun, some call him

Drinking more water

Washed away the wine taste

Now I seek comfort

within the scriptures of flawless history

Survival comprised in red letters

In bold, Yeshua

White Nazarene, black glory

Dark Muhammed, golden cotton

Her, him

Don’t matter

Because in faith

I am restored



…..selling false hope for lavender dreams


I summoned to be free of darkness

Only to find the world had burnt to the ground

Nothing left to grasp

Ashes and white glistening bones

Black rivers and religion

Pressed down shaken

My heart remain unmoved

In this false reality

Created by another man just like me

Forsaking deities only for clay

My soul reaches for the potter

Every time I need water

for my skin,

Brown sand on blue hue

The Return of Enoch

I woke up a crusader

Never a choice

Still I find the truth

In this blackened black oil

Without a blood stained blade

I find my way

Divinity combined in me

I wear my crown

A king birthed to death

I wear my crown

A beast birthed, jungle deep


Preacher, preacher

I hear your words

Though I see the gold you wear

Shinning brighter than the cross behind



They saying the world’s a square



Still I predict

I die a God’s son

Reincarnated into heaven’s bosom

Watch this space

I seek to unlock

Greatness without greed


Ring the bells

I want none of that false doctrine

Pressed together to form slavery

Ring the bells

I talked to God

Sinner I remain

Fully aware I must persevere in this devil’s den


Don’t Play With the Devil

On the road to sin city
Drenched in full gold
Call the door man
Cos I hear the devil’s coming through
Watch the deck
Up high in this tower of babel
Lost souls, my people cry: lost souls
Burst them stars out
Pour more shots
Vodkar’d out

Red eyes, I see the devil now
Watch them, all them devils
Coming out, watch them

Red eyes, see the demon in the devil
I know, yes I know
He too fears for his own soul

Simple World: Born Winner

I walk through the wilderness, amidst the fire, trees burning, still I hop through with my red spade. All around fishes throwing bubbles, shouting with their gills out wide. Gun straps, bloody revelations; still the heat refuses to quench. Paradise is out there I know, but the need for hell grows every day. In our eyes, one sees the thirst, our quest to live on. The time to be free is near. The earth rotating around is ready to hatch, soon to break minds of those who fail to amend their hearts. Mama said pain is the cloth we wear for comfort or the other way around. Single with a ring, I know I’m taken but my flesh says otherwise.

So take that shot, you know it feels good. Don’t lie, as it drips down to your spine, you taste the peach; bitterness right? Black or white, we are legends born to ride the throne, throw our crowns and wear the dust of soil.
Confess your sins, and hear your name. The heavens you heard of is in the mind that seeks peace. Sparks fly, romance ignited. Lovers bond by life, destined for a final kiss.

My style perfected by my mistakes reuniting me with the one I lost. Why? Cos love is war.
Burnt out, born winner


The complicated rhymes
Rewriting the name Jesus
Every suit preaches
Yeah, they saw him
Some walked on water
Other saw Moses
Flaws none have
Perfected reflections
Always accepting glorified pieces
Tongues twirl when gold pours on
Smiles widen when watches strap on
By the steps, or in pockets
Feeding the luxurious beggar
Not soul, rather in taste
Nothing holy about that water

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