seekin vanity // only 4 tonite

I seek no further grace
No more mercies, i’ve fallen too far
Just need me in that white coupe
Wings touching the skies tip
Life is that bitch
So imma pull out quick
I seek no further grace
No more favors, ive given too much
Just need my girl in that benz
Wheels shinning pure gold
Life is just a rat race
So imma blaze off on these 22s
Life sure is that bitch
with devil horns and tattoos full of thorns
always givin out pain
never wanting to receive hope
thats all i know
all ive seen these past years
I seek no eternal redemption
Just immortal vanity, only for tonight

Night of Fire

Finite bond
Born blues
Foul night
Bond blues
Surfacing at the break of interlude

Tough to break
The cloth of love
Never ending the tale of heart break

Foul night
Bond blues

Thrift searching
Hands holding
Nakedness uncovered
Asking “do you see my beauty”

Beauty I saw
Staring at her
She, flowing with sweet sweet

Foul night
Born blue

The Same (SW)

Slow cut-offs

The walk alone

The shape of your smile

Glowing from the cloth of night


Heart teaser

It’s love like this

That makes a man fly back

To a place where your touch is absent


O, I thought you were gone

You said it yourself


But now,

Your shelf is full of orders written in my name


Never change

Change is no longer needed

Cos with you

It’s the same


Rain or starry stars

We the same

Remaining the one we once loved