guava road

Sunshine like I’m back in the north

Back with you in the sun

Riding the wave of Kaduna

I want you to never let go

I remember holding onto you

You, my addiction

Tension rising when I left

Issues you never talked about

Passion flowing when we talk

Only through the phone, you say

You want that body heat intensity

I’ll give to you all I receive

Falling, tearing apart

Even bitter feelings

Still, I want you more than you know

Miles away, I still feel you close



Night Caller

Awakened into life

Space boundless

Jupiter Dancing

Saturn raising red dust

Stars all clapping wishes

Burning of full energy

Reeking of vibrant peace

Distance attained

Differences only a memory

Views from a different world

Roaming plants only allowed

Far out, onto the yellow brick road

Wide awakened, still

Intact with the high plains

Down seems further beyond

Here, here

Only on these clouds

will I sing and jubilate

Nothing holding

So I must confess

Of joy and love

Yeah, nothing holding me

So I must confess

Of joy and endless love

far gone

How can I paint this properly?

When you there far away

Watching you

makes my night

brings the light


I can feel your energy

Trying to break free

From life’s bind


Two worlds

Souls searching for answers

Stuck in desires

Wants dressed in love

Dreams coated in silence


Seems like a wall

when I try

Like a bridge stretched

and you’re over there

Things left unsaid

Moments gone never retrieved

Two worlds never converging


For now I’ll leave

the rest for the later

and revisit for a drink and some laughter


Whisky Man

When love drips
I take a sip
Straight, on cold rocks
Gush, a rush
The hot steam
Flowing down below
Through tubes and hardened heart
Keyed in, ignition started

Then it hits
midnight clock
Thoughts of you
furnace of your raging youth
You in the middle
Red lips on glowing skin
A moth caught in the lime light
dancing with wings and thighs
Oh, woman from the coast
ever ever so close to you

When all is blurred
The skyline jack journeyed
plastered with stars and troubled hiccups
Streets full of night time strangers
all connected through vintage brew
all storytellers sitting on wooden casks….

And, In that haggard stance
When words come out freely and
hearts bleed out barley desires
Then, without much grumbling
I grab the fire and burn
knowing I must have you
Your scent I must smell
Someday, someday
Someplace far from the whisky man’s grip

Running From Love

When the night is clear and the star’s up
Black skies, the wind violent enough
I sometimes call her the devil
Cos whenever I see her from afar
She comes racing arms wide,
shining; teeth grinning
Black braided hair flowing
Her oval face placed on her perfectly curated body
Hips-thighed intimately inviting me for a meal
Her eyes: milk and brown
piercing right through my dusty old soul

And when she somehow catches up
I, sweat pouring down like a donkey working hard for evening hay
Her scent, intimacy propelled
My young heart crashing head on,
barely any beep-able tune heard
She casually leans onto me and boldly whispers
her voice softly dragging me out
“You are mine, dark skinned boy,” her red full lips words out.
“What in heaven’s gates do you mean?” my eyes asks her.
Another grin and she bares all.

So again and again
when the sun’s just ripe
enough to fry egg
My bare feet on modern paths
I take race, back into the incoming sunset
She, I’m sure, amused,
watches that “dark skinned boy with his heart intact, running away from any signs of death”
Or love she might call it.

Last Week

I had you in my hands
Your touch, our skin’s warmth
In my embrace, I had you
Your lips, our delicate lock

Last week
I walked you home
Hands in hands
Tapped your soft ass
You said: stop

I can’t, I tried

Last week, I had you inside
Saw my soul in yours
Licked your cheeks

Cos last week
Finally, for once I had you with me

Love Yourself

First, you arrived
With a cry so loud
A slap or two settled you in peace
It’s love that forced the skies to receive your shine
So, settle your thoughts
Treat your mind before projecting
Heal your wounds before sharing
The heat of your heart must be right
Else it’ll burn anyone within reach
To love, to protect, exists in those tightened hands
It exists in that locked hatred
It’s just waiting to escape, like a dove: free
So let it be, let it free
So it may rest on your shoulder: calm
And then when the day’s right
And the sun’s out
Love unchained from you to all might be born
Never missing a step when finding another torn soul
Never wasting time to heal another wary heart
So put that troubled thought down on the table
And treat yourself to a good whole time