Galatic High

Smoke some
Easy there
Brooms? sure
Tag out, peel in
Try it
Life is short, right?
Free your mind
Cave in
Shout out
Trippy zeals
Hyyer plains
Sky beyond
Stars tip felt
All within a reach
By the mountain
Fountain dip
Spring youth
Up and up
you can go
till your heart melts
and soul walks
life kissed
Devil eyes
Angelic calm
Red sea divided
Rocks on,
Whisky and Danielle
Up this plato
Slurped words rests
Peace on shoulder
Worries peering
life aches too
For now
Hyyer and Hyyer we go

The Crocodile City

The city stank of death and utter desolation. Many dirty gutters were scattered all over the city showering their many unwanted blessings to those who dared to breathe.

The city was abundantly filled with platinum lies;

“Records of misdirected words

Mixed with a rejuvenated beast

Marked with a line of ill

Too ill to spill puke

Too insane to sniff coke

How far, too long

Till she shakes off her pride

And then all that was wrong spins around

Back along that same place

Where honey tasted better than sex

There she lay, the Queen of the night, deep inside the city of crocodiles.”