guava road

Sunshine like I’m back in the north

Back with you in the sun

Riding the wave of Kaduna

I want you to never let go

I remember holding onto you

You, my addiction

Tension rising when I left

Issues you never talked about

Passion flowing when we talk

Only through the phone, you say

You want that body heat intensity

I’ll give to you all I receive

Falling, tearing apart

Even bitter feelings

Still, I want you more than you know

Miles away, I still feel you close


2am // moments

Nights like this
Neon light dimmed right
Gets me thinkin of you
Yeah you dressed in sun flower
Yeah i remember us
That night you danced on me
Yeah i remember your body
The way your hips moved, swayed
Spoke to me without even moving your lips
I know, i know
I never called you
Never reached you
Never drove to you
Yeah that, but i keep missing you
We were lovers that never kissed
Yeah my loss, you said
My loss but i cant stop hoping
Believing I’ll get you back
Yeah i see the new guy
Yeah but tell me who holds your heart?
Who mine?
Who saw you beyond that smile
The way i wrote my heart down for you
Yeah nights like this
Always hit me hard
Yeah no other but you
Got me writing to you
And, i hope you see this
So, you know a piece of me i never showed