Midnight Intermission

“There” she pointed

“Further past the blue moon”

“Past the sleeping mountain of Red”

“Where death is known”

“My people claim the richness from gold and silver”

“Where are you from?” she firmly asked.


“I hail from the Land of Ododo”

“Where the beasts answer to my name”

“Behind the hills of the Red”

“A place where peace binds us all”

“I keep the balance of good and death”

“In my land there is beauty”

“Their eyes do not speak of death”

“A land blessed by the god of the morning”


“A man with a god”

“In all my time of this earth, no man has mentioned of a god such as yours”

“You speak like a man beyond this life”


“I am no mere man”

“My blood, my soul”

“Lady of the night, you have surely possessed me” He proclaimed


“So have you, strange man from Ododo”

“You have grown on me”

“As I have on you”


“Come with me to my land” he begged

“I offer not gold but the gift of the red moon”


“You talk of strange words”

“I come from a land I must return to”

“I have men many to be one with”


“Then why did you run away”

“What do you fear?”


“Ask me no more till the morning passes”

“For the back is rested and ready for grass”