Belly of the Beast

African tales painted into motion canvasses
Black, red and bleak
Poverty, war and famine: usual suspects
all compacted into one long stretched out scene
I must yarn these swing reels
all ring out: hollow vessels

When surrounding a table,
under moonlit nights,
crime acts commenced
greedy monkeys and neck stretching ostriches sit and devise: revising.
Plans; schemes of
dividing the people’s wealth
hiding the people’s future
wringing puppets for decorated leaders
deep pockets, devil smiles:
going far beyond yonder
Their eyes full and brim with deceit
All staged, perfectly primed for a proper western lens
Though, somehow always missed by the Favreau’s

Yes, I gats yarn
Man must yarn
The world has moved, the jungle too
Black suited, the lions still roam and rule: white teeth glaring, baring
The world has picked up pace, the jungle also
Yet, we of the Africa lands are trapped,
held hostage to only show side-face: our death first

Pretoria Hill

I have looked in all the corners

of the world

hoping to see light

My ways always leading to no result.

Thinking I was lost to never

finding a reasoned path

To my home I returned: faithless


On the third day of the rising

When the sun had balanced

I walked up the hills, birds all around

Amidst the flowing clouds

There a tree rested

Its roots deeply intertwined with the soil

In its presence

I felt like a boy again

A child playing with the day

Knowing the night was for sleep


There the tree rested

My eyes with awakening saw

My soul with peace shined

Along with the flowers,

the wind moving from the south

brought me fresh warmth.

A warmth I could only dream of


There the tree rested

And there my life’s tale was retold

rooted strong with the sound of quiescence


I am here

I am here, said I

I have flown across the seas

Journeyed long for mercy

Across the borders and cliffs

Here I am, said I

Here with the flowers of life

Renewed with the rising of the sun

I am here

For where I land is where I am

Cartoon and Cereal

“I woke up in the sitting room
Embodied in the frame of a child
Mind locked, eyes barely shifting
Looking at the TV with my lunch
Jumping with the looney tune on screen
Going wild, mind going berserk”

“Coyote!! Coyote!! Coyote!!” shouts the farm- boy

“Here comes those eyes that seek death
How many times can one die and not die?
Still this beast, this predator
Has forty lives, like a ghost
He keeps coming back
Running through the streets
With a grenade in hand
Seeking to break the neck of the sneaky one
But every time, the same ending awaited him”

“Running coyote, wilding coyote,
Why do you keep going on?” the farm boy asks

Come to this place,” the coyote replies
This place, this rat piece of shit keeps sending me to
Come see the hell that reigns here
Come see the blood of people that smears here
Thirst dripping in the eyes of the lost souls
Their tongues cut, controlled by the fork
Licking the sweat off the succubus
Their young ones recycled, their minds come out ‘loose’
Bottom of the food chain; these people of the jungle
Their teeth blended alongside death
So ask me again why I seek freedom
,” says the running coyote

Ask me again, and I may very well lick your bones dry, dear farm boy

Third World Power

The place now called wastelands
by the those that hold wall streets
That place that birthed my soul
holds the only freedom I know of
Journeyed to the west, my name on free debts
Just by trying to live normal
The only option is to get rich, they say
Play around, connive and back stab
Free me judge,for in due time
My footprints will be back
on the soil of freedom
Third world? they ask
Mother Earth, I know

A Nigerian in Diaspora

I traveled to America to seek a better life

I had many reasons, but money was my number one priority

The only way forward in this place is the color green

I know that the road to good life demands hard work

I know where I came from

I will not forget my father’s last name

Don’t blame me for having survival instincts

Because “I no come yankee chop beans.”


Arise, O compatriots,

Arise, O compatriots,

Nigeria’s call obey

To serve our Fatherland

With love and strength and faith.

The labour of our heroes past

Shall never be in vain,

To serve with heart and might

One nation bound in freedom, peace and unity.

O God of creation

Direct our noble cause

Guide thou our leaders right

Help our youth the truth to know

In love and honesty to grow

And living just and true

Great lofty heights attain

To build a nation where peace

And justice shall reign.