Bourbons, Demons and Depression

Losing my head

It seems to have fallen off

Time warps so fast

I find myself in tomorrow

Standing on today

My mind reliving the past

The cold, my anthem

The chills, lullaby

Eyes, cross

red and lights

a peer, a peek

they look at me

following my steps

in a room

deep in the wild

scars, memories


with anger

fills my heart

a box

all corners

I jump to find air






I can’t lie

These days

I feel the pressure more

The weight, the anvil

On my soul

Bare, burdened

My brain clogged

Calling for help


words on a blue wall

Losing the wheels of life

Steering straight

at a blank

Senses fading

Exhaust filling my lungs

Summer detaching


I can’t lie

All I need is green in color

Serenity in actuality

Love in physicality

All I need is an escape

Away from my mind

Doze off

I hear the car horn in the distance
Monotone with my heart beat
Catching rhythm
Loosening the knots
By the edge of rocks
I hear the knuckle
The against
The rubbing
Then the fire
Early in the morning
I hear the lonesome driver
Heading somewhere
Speeding in the badly lit street
Never fearful of what might come
The burning of tire
Screeching, hydroplaning
Then skidding
Into black
I see myself
My skin pores tense
Holding onto worry
Eyes staring at the screen
My hands relaying the workings of my insides
Waiting for the next tap
Waiting for the next line
Waiting till I can finally….

In plain sight


Can I tell you my fears?

As the rivers comes once again

While I have time to write

The darkness, my friend

Will you listen to me?

While you eat me alive

Do you know these things that rid me of love

Like a virus, I am dead to life

My soul trapped within my mind

a book closed hidden from the public

afraid to die alone

afraid to love another

lacking the courage to love myself

lend a helping hand to soul

my spirit stagnant in this never moving flow

and only thing I want to do

is just bathe in water

rinse this fire away

clean these tears

bury these burdened memories

yet everyday I wake up to hell

after sleeping in purgatory

the grind, the burn continues