Thinking Out Loud

Another heated day in Babylon’s grip, trapped
Living in a newly created generation: impatient
Birds; programmed; hidden, parading the middle-eastern skies, hunting
Tower tips still reaching up high, God vexing
Oxygen circulated, stagnant in dense smoky air: toxicity
Plants replacing, chemical mass murdering: stomach lynching
Stress filled disease spread, screen-coated as breaking news; shortened memory
Mechanical sounds screeching down below, disorderly
Dollar emoji’s stamped on flicking hands; vanity feeding
Truth, sweetly twisted into diamond fantasies, man-made blasphemy

I, swamped,
amidst these genocide happenings, skin deep battles
I, just another
Bini skinned man, walking,
freedom searching, motherland tunes singing
I, just another
sun touched man
thinking out loud in Babylon’s gaze; uncannily

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