The Realization of a Contemporary African

Awaken sleeping wonderers

The monster’s here for your sin

Hear his roar, his rumble

Your days of searching

has brought your demise

An end to your long suffering


Searching through Modernization

I seek for answers

Left and right

Calling on God

Only the night responds

I need faith

Tired of being real

Tired of being sane

in this blood soaked world


Where is my own receipt?

The one that says I’m free: paid for


The stress’s rising

Covering every corner I find

Swell, swell

I’m on the move

The dose I need

always seems further when I reach

Expanding with my turmoil


Final Stretch

I wonder, I wonder

Dreaming of my tomorrow

Day’s race ahead

Leaving me behind

With a gift lacking instructions



Tell mama

I’ll see her

When the rain has stopped

Tell mama

I’ll see her

When the rage has cleared

Tell mama

I’ll come back home

When the storm’s over


The Realization of a Champion

The sweet taste of victory

Has me glorified in this era

Sanctified from the noise of chaos

Alive in Zion, above the sun

Invincible with my new found energy








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