The Soul of a Diamond

courtesy of lieveheersbeestje
courtesy of lieveheersbeestje










Beautiful heart, beautiful girl
Sitting by the rosaceae stream
She says she’s got more,
More glory to live
More ground to land
Mind, soul and body
All perfected for imperfections

A canvass and she paints
A pen and she writes
Backwoods and she crafts

Beautiful ways, beautiful girl
Standing up to confusion
Eyes to eyes
More zeal to live
More thirst to quench
Lips, hairs and cheeks
All perfected for perfections

Give her a smile and she’ll laugh
Give her her freedom and she’ll roam
Wings spread wide out
Out to fly above the stress down below

Intricate shine, Beautiful girl
Growing into the shape
Of a wiser woman
Always glowing with a rising shine
a shine known only to the intricate soul of a diamond

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