Simple World: War Sight

When I open my eyes all I see is an untainted red; first a specter forms spreading into a canvass of dappled blood, all trapped around my cornea. But when my sight releases itself from its temporary bind a light blue hue explodes into my pupils fading away the once known pain. I am he. A solider who forgot the calls of death in the early rise of war-battle. Shout at me and I will keep marching forward for my name refuses to settle in my wall of thoughts. What I seek now is not redemption nor forgiveness. I only ask for the scythes of death to bring me the silence of love; an end to where I may begin knowing my woman awaits at the pearly gates of my awakening.


So I Say

Casualty, casualty

Rid me of pretense

For when my memories flood in

I am left in the green lush bush

Thick with regrets;

Regrets born from the dragon’s fire


And as the night dissipates

Burning with the fire called love

In my hand, liquor my king, reigns

My crown to hold

My own Queen’s touch gone

Her scent nowhere to be smelled


Casualty, casualty

The wars of my forgotten fathers

have brought me the cold of tomorrow


Casualty, oh casualty

My mother’s love has

Fled from my abode


Casualty, dearest you

Where do you hide my lover’s silk?

Her ivory skin lingers in my tongue


Casualty, forgotten one

Bring me home

To where my bones

May find soil

To stand on ground

For I fear my past sins

May eat away my flesh


Casualty, oh sweetest pain

Where’s my future?

For the present has me locked away

back in my war zone past


As the world spins on a pole of fire, souls light up dancing along with golden sun




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