Pretoria Hill

I have looked in all the corners

of the world

hoping to see light

My ways always leading to no result.

Thinking I was lost to never

finding a reasoned path

To my home I returned: faithless


On the third day of the rising

When the sun had balanced

I walked up the hills, birds all around

Amidst the flowing clouds

There a tree rested

Its roots deeply intertwined with the soil

In its presence

I felt like a boy again

A child playing with the day

Knowing the night was for sleep


There the tree rested

My eyes with awakening saw

My soul with peace shined

Along with the flowers,

the wind moving from the south

brought me fresh warmth.

A warmth I could only dream of


There the tree rested

And there my life’s tale was retold

rooted strong with the sound of quiescence


I am here

I am here, said I

I have flown across the seas

Journeyed long for mercy

Across the borders and cliffs

Here I am, said I

Here with the flowers of life

Renewed with the rising of the sun

I am here

For where I land is where I am

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