A Talk with Marvin Gaye

The mind wanders
As birds to the sky
The heaven within
has most at peace

Troubles; out and roaming
Hungrily waiting for those that
like the taste of sugar

The mind wanders
As earth to the Sun
Souls all captured
in the eternal circle of life

Troubles; free for all
Take one and get two more
An endless cycle of recycled pain
From the feet of the Sahara boy
To the necks of the greed-full ones

The mind wanders
As water to an ocean
Flyin amongst the clouds;
Mechanical tears high above,
causing lungs to soak in death

Troubles lay on ground like traps
Miss a step and your soul is caged
But alas, the mind wanders
Flyin high, hoping to reach
the fountain of life: The well
That one safe place remaining
For those who still thirst

So drink up from within your soul
And do save yourself
For the morning will come
With it, the light appears

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