Cartoon and Cereal

“I woke up in the sitting room
Embodied in the frame of a child
Mind locked, eyes barely shifting
Looking at the TV with my lunch
Jumping with the looney tune on screen
Going wild, mind going berserk”

“Coyote!! Coyote!! Coyote!!” shouts the farm- boy

“Here comes those eyes that seek death
How many times can one die and not die?
Still this beast, this predator
Has forty lives, like a ghost
He keeps coming back
Running through the streets
With a grenade in hand
Seeking to break the neck of the sneaky one
But every time, the same ending awaited him”

“Running coyote, wilding coyote,
Why do you keep going on?” the farm boy asks

Come to this place,” the coyote replies
This place, this rat piece of shit keeps sending me to
Come see the hell that reigns here
Come see the blood of people that smears here
Thirst dripping in the eyes of the lost souls
Their tongues cut, controlled by the fork
Licking the sweat off the succubus
Their young ones recycled, their minds come out ‘loose’
Bottom of the food chain; these people of the jungle
Their teeth blended alongside death
So ask me again why I seek freedom
,” says the running coyote

Ask me again, and I may very well lick your bones dry, dear farm boy

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