Simple World : Lucky Star

As the fumes bubble through the air, the music was just ripe and ready for the night. Giving back was never a hard thing, but the distance that was to be reached was everlasting. Further and further the bells rang, tomorrow never seemed far away. That point you have always dreamed of is here, waiting for you take hold. Break your soul and drink mortality. All you stand for holds no ground in this place of madness. The bridge is shaking and trembling, fear is no longer a choice. Walk away and it’s gone forever. Four seasons past, and you’re back to your roots. With a case full of identifications, you’re born afresh and anew, subject to the laws of covered deceit.

All I have is you, my words on screen, fonts describing my path. Since school is over for me, I’m left with a bag of passion, to fulfill those hard string dreams. Click – click, the fire that died in the morning of your demise is back, here again, re-ignited with a new name, calling you to see that no matter how much your drift, you can never hide from the bright rays of the sun. So stop been a buzz kill, pick your own road and walk that distance. The flames will surely be hot but in it burn till you become one with your calling. Never a wrong when you go with what’s in you. Free your mind, become limitless, and choose immortality. For the unknown is what becomes known when one dares to give it a name.

What do you fear? Those voices you seek refuse to be sought, so raise up with courage and go your own way. It can only be one, unique, splendid, weird, different, that’s your own chapter. It is written that to become one, you have to implode first and then all that comes out is you: pure you. The mind has been caged, locked away, a slave to another, so understand the world will never be understood. All one can do is explore the gifts, tokens which has been left for us to find. The pirates left their treasure in the island of cursed sirens for a reason. They wanted immortality, their names sang in hymns and books. Choirs dressed in white singing in a unison pitch all praising those men who refused the fear of other men.

Those of them you cannot count have their own cowries to share, but the few you have must be treasured and shown why they deserve to be with you. You have blinked, four seasons are gone, so leave it be and move on to the next rainy times. It’s hard to go on without a package of love strung on your side but to be emotionless means having, then giving away all emotions. To receive, you must dance to master the moves of the rhythm.

Words, words but all I want is to stop speeding and lose myself to dance. In time, the sounds become coherent. Life is moving, but remember it’s your life, you have the choice to stop the clock for a little dance. Be conformed and you will die lacking bravery. To bring a new flavor, first you must first taste peach to know your balance. Hang up the grief, its old my dear friend. It’s your own, forever yours. Make a name by going where you want to go. You know it, you were never destined to be a follower. You exist to break free and make people see those other hidden touches. Those ones that have been locked away in the garden of secrets. You have been there, that forgotten place no one dares ventures to. They might be a tourist, but you are a native, chosen to show everyone we all can exist without boundaries. You exist to show that life is not a cage to be trapped in. We are here existing to exalt every goodness we might find remaining. That’s why your voice is like no other. Weird, it is. But until a name is found, carry that bag for only you can know the weight it holds. If tomorrow comes and it’s unfamiliar, know you are in the right track. Just so you know suffering, hunger, pain are all part of the deal: the complete gift. To be balanced you might have to taste sand before the sugar. Even after the blisters, you might find out that sugar was not all that. The answer, that one thing that keeps you moving, that one thing that holds together your passion is nothing other than the real touch from love.

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