Shattered World

The glass has been broken
Lost in a fraction of space
Bound by the stars of night
The sun’s gone and the dark nightmares are abound
Laying siege to those left on soil
Shrines destroyed, priests without souls
Beneath the ruins, the green slime slides
Entraps all hearts causing the mind to rage with fever
Headless horsemen roam these dead empty streets
Running over the blackened black water
Yes, mayhem is the man of the hour
Climbing up, pitch high
The end is near
Humans claiming god parade our lives
Stealing bread from those lacking water
Eating brains from the cube like box
Where’s the power above the clouds?
The one with a gate made of gold
The one that has no stains
Where’s the power that holds no ransom?
But in his hands, are souls meant to die
Bring down the lightning, if you must
For tonight you must hear me
You must hear my insanity free itself from this world

Free me, let me burn with the impending doom
I seek no true truth, but in the little I know, I must rage
Free me, let me burn with the incoming peace
Sanctify me now from your chains
And I just might call out your name when the empathy’s just right

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