It’s hard to hold back tears during these times I live in
The pain that holds me at night shows me
The cries of young ones paraded through the news
What’s more important?
Their souls? Or your polls and ratings?
Tell me cube-box man, and as you do, rid the pretense you wear
I did not fly from the land of earth to see another deceit coated with gold
Those souls you parade as your prize
Are they worth the shame you bring on them?
Their lives as movies, their voices lost in the sounds of doom
Moments they exist in, washed – rearranged to fit your screen
Like black on black
White on white, right!
If you show me your own heart
I’ll show you my mine
That one side you refuse to show
One sided: face of death, that’s all you show
But you forget, we all know two-face survived that night
Alive and willing to show all his burns and scars
Though his ways are seen as dirt and mud
Still he shows all the sides we humans wear
Inwards and outwards, full blown

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