Lift Off (I)

The trumpets are pronouncing a new sound I must dance to
The choirs are all singing smooth, rolling chants
Angels are here, all shinning with eternal glory
Great ones in the middle, dancing, breaking moves
The soul glowing with joy and peace
Super vibes, the planets are arising
All showing the greatness of life
Days and nights are gone
Locked away, for in this place
It’s all about our arrival
Walked and walked, we have
Journeyed across seas and stars, we have
Burning fuels, hoping to find everlasting quiescence
We tried, some failed
Some fell into the redness of greed
Leaving others with bitter taste
So ask me again?
Why I dance the way I do
Ask me why I turn my hips the way I do
Ask me why my smile stays so wide
Ask me again, why souls are out and about
Free, shouting out joy and peace
Yeah, it’s ringing out that eternal bliss
The choir’s singing with their voices shaking the earth
Their chants finding lonely souls down below
The day and night are locked away
For in this place, the cloud beams away remorse

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