Enchantment (I)

The windows are open, swinging
The air’s just right
The breeze so cool and soft
Friends long gone and lost
Now it’s just you and me
The potion’s now in full effect
Our minds now entangled
Brings our souls a little bit closer
So just, its shinning pure gold
There’s no escape, I already tried

Enchanting, your spell has been cast
Sleep walking, I’m moving freely with your scent
Lately, passion easily comes strong
Sweetly, your lips taste of divine bliss
Skies full with stars, dreams full with you

Touch me and I’m gone
Lost, tucked deep into your scent
Free, no need for directions when I’m with you
Fire, the temperature’s scorching hot
Mesmerizing, the spell has been cast
Starved, I need your tender caring

Come here and bring that taste we both need
Don’t run, walk slow
I don’t want to miss those swings your hips give
Don’t run, walk slow
I dare not miss the way your eyes keeps drifting
So baby, don’t run, make those steps count

I can’t escape your gaze, I don’t why
I run away and you’re right there in my dreams

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