Afro Blue

It seems like when the wind falls
The ground collides
Meshing together to form a sequence
But it’s all a dream
When paths cross
Like eternity we seem to forget our past
In our time, we thirst for a touch
Gathering moments, sparkles they are
Faces full of smiles, forming a crying gong
Two hoping to connect
Relieving their life before the end
These two go on
Through the phases with a hold
They overcome and fight
Breaking their limbs
Crawling when hearts shatter
To pieces on ground
Guess our ways are the same
Too alike, but needed
In transgressions we’ll find redemption

3 thoughts on “Afro Blue

    1. “two lines swirling around each other” your comment is poetry itself. Yeah, I wanted to pass across a visual image when I wrote this. Like two lovers, two fighters, two paths crossing each other. Thanks for everything. Peace

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