Simple World: Born Winner

I walk through the wilderness, amidst the fire, trees burning, still I hop through with my red spade. All around fishes throwing bubbles, shouting with their gills out wide. Gun straps, bloody revelations; still the heat refuses to quench. Paradise is out there I know, but the need for hell grows every day. In our eyes, one sees the thirst, our quest to live on. The time to be free is near. The earth rotating around is ready to hatch, soon to break minds of those who fail to amend their hearts. Mama said pain is the cloth we wear for comfort or the other way around. Single with a ring, I know I’m taken but my flesh says otherwise.

So take that shot, you know it feels good. Don’t lie, as it drips down to your spine, you taste the peach; bitterness right? Black or white, we are legends born to ride the throne, throw our crowns and wear the dust of soil.
Confess your sins, and hear your name. The heavens you heard of is in the mind that seeks peace. Sparks fly, romance ignited. Lovers bond by life, destined for a final kiss.

My style perfected by my mistakes reuniting me with the one I lost. Why? Cos love is war.
Burnt out, born winner

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