Too Much Thought

We are here alone
Just me and you
You see their hate
You hold the spite
I feel the same
Why run away?
When I am here
Hoping you would see
I am here,
I see what you see
Confused? I am too
But we can rectify
Our ways, blend our sorrows
Eat into our happiness
Knowing we can worry later
Don’t think
Your mind hurts
I see that
So let’s combine
Forgetting about the pain
Cos, that’s a tale we talk about later
For now, let’s grow

You are afraid, I am too
Why worry again?
When we could make this life
Worth the wait
Babe, we are what we are
As the time passes
You’ll see these lines
And feel my vibe
Speaking my words
Raising your voice
Linear? No
I am further from the ways of deceit
All I want is for you
To return, so we can submerge
Never returning to blank stares you get

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