Eu-phore-ian soul

The sounds virtual
The keys of black and white
Something rings at the back
Like a bell, it says
My tongue is saying that I am human
But from the hands of God I came
I’ll live that part,
And breathe it till I cease to exist
Reawakening back to my next time

The sense looms around
The story is in everything
Lives show forth
Do right
Maybe you see different
But the balance is there for everybody

Look at the twist
The guided and the free
But there are one or more clouds swaying above
Whether you see or listen
The book of balance lives
In the leaves and in the beginnings of air
Its moves, or sits when the cries lead no where
An oversea, holds the blue and the sunrays
A man walked on water
Amidst the shouts of troubling times
The crucifying stares
Like one had bruised them before
How I can paint to you?
I care but the essence is in time
So I can cannot care
I am getting prepared
Walking the comprehension of the fire
The tic brings back the hit a little louder
Manifesting the stoppage of its being
Miss it and it goes
But the toc is there

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