dream on, dream well

My hands are red
With wine, and some squashed juice
My field is looped in depth
The world; round and square
Twisting and forming vibes
Reeling around, cube-like
The hurt from smoke
Found and lost, inhaling the taste
Then another puff
The world; fiery and spicy
Always giving back what I had sowed

Is there a heaven? I asked
For my peace is my heaven within
My end from the shouts of life

Is there a place called hell? I asked
For the earth is full of blood
Thinking back, the start of life
Brought me here, to the sand on ground

My destiny began as I held onto life
My cries confirmed the tales I had been told
So the stethoscope man spanked
Correcting me, cutting the cords that connected me
To a time when eyes were closed
And souls roamed sky, deep beyond the clouds

Is there an earth? I asked
Where living is full of peace
Far into green, away from greed
Am I there yet?
There where I can be free

For I am a soul
Born of sin, freed from chains
But why does the bondage of blood
Swell in the eyes I see?

So I reply, I say to myself
Dream on, dream well
For the life before now is at hand
Near to touch, un-afraid to grasp
A place where confusion is only a lost word

We are but spirits
Destined to cut loose from body
Back to a stagnant time
Where running is never desperate
To a place where the kingdom of tranquility awaits.

you’ll never find another until you find yourself – common

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