My skin: black and unscripted
Burnt and perfected
Hinged without absence
Indifference to mined coal
Fire, as I ride through the sun
Fiery eyes, they glare
At me? Yes at you, uYi
Alright, please
Pour the fire,
Pour the fire on me
And watch your stairs of hate fall flat
Watch as I come forth
Gold? No
A new element
A child of the sun
A beast with a nation
A heritage of carved culture
So yeah, curse me
Pour the fire
I need the fire
Fire me up
And watch as I shoot up
Past the sky, to the fullest of the moon
To a time where the people of the sun
Say “Fire, fire
Pour the fire on us

5 thoughts on “Fire

      1. Nice. No, I am not. I am trying to get a good cheap camera. I like the Nikon cameras though. As a beginner in photography who just uses his phone camera, any recommendations? 🙂

      2. I love Canon, and I wouldn’t betray that 🙂

        You may wish to try buying the slightly older DSLRs? Unless you just want a point and shoot camera?

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