Migrating Mind

The race began
My papers aligned
Standing before a judge
Passing me to world of insanity
Arriving, the bottles were plenty
To drink, and to throw

The visions blurry
Running away from the square of one
Where the day blinds
And nights drags
The only reason was “why?”
Why now?
Why answer this call?
Only to hear my own demise
Blasted with debt
Amassed in words

So deep into the water, I plunge
The bath, then cleansing
Only I had the answers

The maroon bricks lied
Saying I was nothing to be
But only I had the answers
To caste away the skin that was bleached with sin
The precious, those precious times
Were hard to live in
But in it I remained

An explosion of soul
Red clouds, dancing in air
Fire raging, burning into cotton
Eyes cleared from the out-world
The appearance of my inner growing
Justified as the clock hits seven
Rising, flying to meet the arrival of my sun
Far away, with birds from the south

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