Run, run through the deep of night

The haunting cries creep
Tip toe, they come
Hallow face as they scream out empty words
Your doors locked
But through them, they come
Haunting times as you run
The bushes twigs tears skin
As your nakedness is exposed
Behind you they come
Almost touching you
With their bleak faces
The race to catch your failing heart

It jumps, your heart
As you see the blades they call teethes
The fangs sink in
Blood flies out
Shouts roll through
Dark twisted faces stamped on your mind
With a grin, they have arrived

The devil of the night
The lion of our times
Rushing to steal soul
Behind you, he laughs
As the night accepts you
Without a candle, you are lost
Welcoming the new found home
The ancient place of old

The floor of lost minds
Faded souls, you stand with
Removed from body
You see them laughing
As they tear your skin
With no cries, you laugh with them
You, madly grinning accepting this abode

The sweat forming, dirt gathering
The tussle, the struggle
Sounds of a returning bat
Fan fighting hard to beat heat
Stomach reacting, mind awakening
Fear escaping, reality breaching walls
Thirst no more, the night is gone
Henceforth, the morning

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