Simple World: After the Rain Edition


The night was here with the rain from the early morning. There was nothing but the drips of cloudy waters and the occasional tweets from a settling bird. Looking now, I knew the next chapter to my life was here; the wash away of my earlier mistakes. Looking forward, I had no idea of what the aftermath of the rain would be like or feel like. But this rain had the wind blowing nicely. It had me silent, thinking about all there was to come. Would the sun in the morning bring all my needed answers?
I wouldn’t know, I couldn’t.
The feel of this weather was all I cared for. It was my moment to sit and reflect of the coming times. To watch and hope the sun would later show; full blaze. With my shoes wet, I hummed the words of Mr. Marvin Gaye: “flying high in the friendly sky, without ever leavin’ the ground”. I sang it knowing there was no longer any sign of friendlessness in this world. Regardless, I enjoyed the wetness that fell from the starry blank sky.

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