Brother, brother I love thee even till the end of our lives

A friend in jail
Locked away to find sanity
One he already had
The reason for his stay unexcused
But my letter to him, blank
Writing to him, without pity
Striking balance with his times
How do I say?
Stay strong and hold onto to God
For in God, reasons are not needed

The quest to life
Even in this messy messy times
Brother, I know fear is here
So grab it, and pray you find solace
Even in the quiet times you find yourself in
Brother, my brother
Only the skies will forgive
The peace you want is here
Hold on for dare life

Blank, for how can I write
Sitting here without charges

Brother, brother
Love is all I have to give, not pity
Just love, for you to hold
And see I will be here with you
Even to till end of times
Brother, seek the fountain if you thirst

Life, one full with different dishes
The mistakes we make
Will help us in this weary times
Brother, the love from life is greater than the stares you see

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