The Path to Free Things

These diamonds are free, the sign says
Working all day, thinking the sweat is enough
Smelling sick, mind pouring heat
Souls working hard, grind going long
Great wisdom driving through these holes
The caves, dead dreams
Lost dreams, are they not?

Next in line to wash these dirty dirt
Lord, drive away these peeping peps
Lord, these veins go through
Striking cords, hustle underneath
Hearty hearts, rotten food
Roasting beef, guess the axe goes deep
Crying for relief, blurry vision
Burning so long till the return of eternity
Eternity that speaks blackie black smoke
Signs that says, “Bury of all them coals”.
Another outlaw story without love
Bound to never be understood
But the mind reaches out saying,
“These diamonds don’t come cheap”

Yeah, yes
Already tanned, forever stained
Folded bodies, bundled power
Lower goes the number
Higher goes the saying
“Brother, brother
Ain’t we brothers no more?”

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