Random Stories of Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry is still one of my favorite cartoon shows. One of the only few shows with very few words. From friendship, to societal commentary, the show hits its mark on various issues affecting our society. As a child growing up in a third world country, Tom and Jerry was all I had. I mean I had electricity, went to a good school, fed well, but as per entertainment, that show kept me well fed. From its jazz inspired music the show used sights and sounds to communicate out its message.

Right now, I am currently watching an episode in which Tom tries to eat a gold-fish, but Jerry saves the gold-fish (a girl) by bringing a shark into the situation. To be brief, Tom runs away and Jerry is left with the gold-fish and tries to hit on her. But he too runs away when the shark claims the gold-fish all to himself. It’s a shark eat, shark world. Being nice is the new vintage.


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