The darkest tunnel may

Bring the brightest of light

Sometimes it burns bright

Because, the night before was starry black

The days at times went so cold

That the road that was walked on felt too strange

Trekking alone was the only piece of mind

Some gloves and a jacket, it was

A cup of drugs, some relief from hunger

A taste of self-medicine during

Times, when to be different from oneself

Came back in full circle

Free access to a dire times of tired soul

But lately, to be unique might be the only way to live

And die without grudge.

6 thoughts on “Beautiful

  1. Better is the end of a matter than the beginning thereof. Sweet, are the uses of adversity. The message is clear. Tnx for the piece.

  2. Your piece ‘Beautiful’ expresses how I feel sometimes. Life is no bed of roses and we just have carry on somehow, hoping above hope that everything will work out in the end.

    1. Glad I could share this ride called Living. Hope these walls of life come crumbling at your feet when the moment is due. Greatness will be your name when all is said and written. Cheers

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