The Tower of the Lost Souls

The audacity of man
Claiming hands of god
Speaking the reflected light
The hell the world brings out
On earth, full fleshed
The heaven we seek must be fought inside
Or keyed into a chain of faith

The shrieks are loud, only distracting fools
But do hold on for dare soul
For the race is long
And the pain goes in deeper
A new face the world sheds into

Man has no true answer
Only full with false taste
So I pray, hands clasped together
Hoping for the road without destruction
For the commercials initiate the unaware minds
Lashing lust and diamond dreams
Dancing them into a circle of dark clouds

The abstract answer to life are dreams
Face them,
For the world’s light is blinding
Open those minds,
Steer away, for the waves are coming
Full speed, rising high
Landing straight for head, gripping tight for soul

So if you know, then know the red skies will fall one day
But before I preach on, let me go clean away my daily sins

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