let the love die

Our distance closed

The aisle burning

The chapters folding


Building up to a crescendo of emptiness

Structures forming, residing sunshine


Filming moments of yesterday

A scene played too soon

A method of acting, they call it


Can we go back?

To when it felt right

When all we did was dance

Pouring laughter, lashing anger

Raw and free

Lucky ludo


Though we had shelter

The hunger we had

Was lost in the showers of monsoon


Heat to skin, lips to cheek

Breast to chest, hands to bare ass


The clear signs became dust

An end to us

Hearty emoticons to us


Right here in the dark

Mingling legs, scratching toes

Hoping the love never died in the theatre of dreams


So I guess it’s just another

Unresolved face to face

So fade babe,


Let the love die

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