And I can redefine all that I thought was lost
Another chance, another try
Transcending all my sins
I rise through the stairs of suffering
Regaining my boldness
Proud with a painted black luxury
Another made anew man full with discontent
Paralyzed by the recurring deceit
The tortured souls all cry
Why them?
Lord of the skies, why us?
Come down and stop this crucifixion
We long to move past this boulder stained with death

Scripted cripple
Hungry for white manna and black bread
Rivers always parting
All skin and milk
Falling Jericho
Singing Mary
Crying baby
A never ending tale of delusion

2 thoughts on “LOVE LOST

  1. Your work is like a treasure chest, one never knows what wonders are held therein. Beautiful writing, continue to strengthen your ‘voice’. Thanks for taking the time to follow my blog.

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