Thinking Bells

Singing Locks
Reminiscent of past glory
Music of late granulates meaning
Forming the loudness present
Contemporary times
Rock bottom in taste
A world in party
Looking not ahead
The lullabies rings
Trouble overflows
So, the wand casts a spell
Hoping we all forget
The meaning granulated
Wrong or right
Pick a muse and live on.

3 thoughts on “Thinking Bells

  1. Thanks, you’re always far too kind which i really do appreciate. Music is my muse. With music, inspiration flows endlessly. I hear life when I listen to music. How’s your book writing going?

    1. Ah yes music to sooth the soul, very good. I appreciate words and your words are unique to you. My book is slow, but have had a few light bulb moments this week, so have got back into it and hope to tighten, edit and polish it before it ever sees the light of day. Thanks for asking….happy writing to you.

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