My search for a proper (proper meaning not expensive) DSLR camera is almost over. I did some research, and I found the Canon 7D to be a bit more vibrant than the Nikon D7000. From my research, it seems the Nikon D7000 is preferred in Asia because, of the non-vibrant aspect. The image quality of the Nikon D7000 seems to be ‘hard hitting’ in my own eyes; less happy times more brutal reality. Vibrant Vs Reality. I do understand the concept that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but I think i might pick up the Nikon D7000 (maybe with a 50mm lens) Nikon D7000 seems to fit my current theme; Hard hitting reality. Anyways what do I know?

Now I just have to get a job, work hard and of course save up.

Any Suggestions or recommendations, please leave a comment down below.


Peace to your Agbada

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