Sour Orange

I still wonder why you like the room lit so dim. I can hardly see you when you cry. If you let go of my grip, the scene of misery will last on forever. Hold on tighter. Drag my rags closer to your shattered chest. Pierce deep into my skin; pain always tasted so bittersweet. Our time lasted only till the sound of the bird.

A mockingbird, indeed

Too soon enough to begin, I guess?

With my taste buds gone sour, I shut off those twisted tunes and threw them deep into the skies; far away, where those spacemen could only dream of. A secret place you might know of. I never ever forgot about those long delusional days filled with gifted silence and much red.

Will I ever taste sweet again?

Too much sourness

Stop this or I might bleed out

Drowning in my own feelings

Looking up at the river-like sky

Oh great blue monster, cry down your own worries

So that I may drink and sink.

So they say you speak no more of me. I strived hard to wait for another word from your big egotistical book. I hoped to dream into the realization that it was never ever to begin.

Bombs I left untouched

Scattered there and here

Some by your place

Falling down

Your hair ever so bright

So they say you speak no more of me.

I strived and strived to begin at the beginning.

Always seeking, and never asking

So they say you speak no more of me

I say you talk shit

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