All These Rage Must Die Down

I’m twenty three
Last year I was born
birthed into evil’s depth
Eyes red like the devil’s skin
Fire as I burn in babel
Leaving life like I sold my soul
No receipts, just broke,
still heading to hell though
Down this drench called Sodom
Go! Go!! Roam a round a little more

Die down
Too much rage, I hold
Please let go of the anger
Too much rage, I swear
Dissipate, disappear
To dust, to air
Cos I need me to love me

Though, now, it’s time to leave all behind
This time, I see the white dove
This time, she comes floating down
The sky streams calling
Heart, legs, dancing
In heaven, I’m sure
No stains, got back my receipts
I see the smile
Brought thru by the dove of love
So let this rage die down
Cos if not, I’ll be right back to this stream

Last Week

I had you in my hands
Your touch, our skin’s warmth
In my embrace, I had you
Your lips, our delicate lock

Last week
I walked you home
Hands in hands
Tapped your soft ass
You said: stop

I can’t, I tried

Last week, I had you inside
Saw my soul in yours
Licked your cheeks

Cos last week
Finally, for once I had you with me

Game of Dice

Ever kissed a dragon
Swallowed fire breathe
Bathed in gold
While your skin melted

That’s what I feel
When the bad overcomes me
Filling my soul up to the brim
Now with the filth, a gift to survive
Use or be left behind
Any hope left, grab!

The ritual has begun
The drum has commenced
The flute behind, guiding
Welcome to the fire
To the center of sin
Your name has been called
Now, how do you respond?

Astral Plane

Last night
I visited space
No vices mind you
Just plain ears
Listened to earth speak
Green in her nature
No vices thank you
I just relate higher
Straight with the mineral
Divine with my flow

Last night
I kissed a star
No vices mind you
Just plain lips
Subtle and warm
Gentle in her nature
No vices thank you
I just connect nicely
Straight with my a-game
Divine when she kissed back

Last night
I married life
Body, skin, essence
All shaped into a place called Africa


Far back

Centuries ago

There I was

Sitting amongst my kins

A fire surrounding

Herbs dragged in

Stories of our past brought forward

Memories of our way recounted


I was alive

Burning with flames

Listening to drum beats

Wild beasts announcing the circle moon


I was alive

Breathing air

Growing with my people’s spirit

Up I stood and a dance ensued


An uprising, uprising

Rising with the fire

Souls lit with a smile

My people, all there in peace