Spiritual State: Products of the Internet

This place, I know is where life meets dreams

Where darkness encounters light

The light ahead, the darkness behind

For a second, a chat ensues

Conversations through the skies

From parallel rocks, they come

From hinges and nails, they come

Lights, papers, screens, bottles

Words floating through the night

In air, from the lands of blue

To the bicycles and noodles

It all shows face

Real as they talk


This state is where pain meets kindness

Where the sun hits cold

Half full, or half empty

Crucial perspectives

Where’s your right?

Can you tell?

The apple, blood or black

Comes with a price

Pay with soul and remain a zombie

Another age, another stone


Oh sinner, oh sinner

Where have you lost your grief?

Where have you kept your eyes?

You walk without dreaming

You walk as a man without a soul


Oh sinner, oh sinner

The son of man has paid for all

Christ is his name, the one from the father

Christ is his name, the bridge to the skies

Christ, is his name, the answer to earth’s cry


Oh sinner, oh sinner

You say you go tired of preaching

By day, you say all is dust to dust

By night, it’s all down to your knees


Oh sinner, oh sinner

When will you return home?

When will your eyes set onto the rising sun?

Yaaba (Grandma’s Love)

Bila et Yaaba


Living on ground

Yaaba walked

Bless the earth

Yaaba saw

Harvesting fruits

Yaaba planted


I am blessed

I am truly blessed

For the air I breathe

I am blessed

By Yaaba’s kindness


Her skin like the sun

Purifies my path

Shines my way

Bliss from Yaaba’s smiles

Leaves my soul full


Yaaba I love you

Till the rising of my soul

Till the rebirth of my spirit

I love you

For all the struggles you endured

I love you

For the night’s showers

I love you


Yaaba, your love

will last me

till I see my final light

Your strength

will find me

till I reunite with your glowing shine


Uyi’s Interlude

Life in a traffic jam

Rain drops on my laptop screen

Cool breeze from the heavens above

What more?

Soul in my lips

Words in my throat

Message to those that thirst

I find to give

Break locks to unlock

These days

These days radio blast shit

Turn off


Back to the musical essentials

History rewritten

For the forgotten ones

Sing me a tune

And I’ll play my harmony

Bless all earth

All souls waiting for life


These days

Soul in my lips

Words in my throat

Bark and I’ll ROAR back

up the tree of life

Cool breeze from the heavens above

Down it pours

Up I receive

Blessings from my people’s spirits

Gifts left to given back

I find to receive

Then it’s a full turn around

Back to giving what I had found

Seek me and you’ll find

me on the steps

Music essentials ringing

Harmony and blessings

To all who show face


My pieces and rags

Hold the gold

The key to releasing your mind