A Talk With Kendrick Lamar

Locked in my room
Facing my fears
The wall’s bleeding pain
The world’s closing in
In a box
Without a hint of help
Left to make sand turn gold
Last year rocked the boat
Now I’m shaking with the waves

Passed out on the floor
Liquor in my breath
Called for death
But only God replied: divine revelations

My vision replenished
Tell me more, Lord
Fill me up as my soul rages
I only ask to see the next sun
For tonight has me caged without light

When you’re alone
Without the heat of friendship
Winter never seemed colder
Lost in the jungle
Thoughts going round about
Forgetting my name
A name that holds my destiny

Now back into my vision
Left rejuvenated with
a light before the sight of life
In my heart, a song sang
Voluptuous, as my heart picked up beat
Within me I hear, as my eyes clears away
From the bitterness of regrets

With my name, I remembered
With my name, I am anew
With my name, I shall excel

“Child of the sun,
Child of the your father’s spirit
Holding your people’s way
A voice waiting to be given out
A gift waiting to be given back
So fight the rage, it can never get worse
For every bad moment faced
Comes a lesson truly learned”


Photo courtesy of Sunnivra from DA

Photo courtesy of Sunnivra from DA

Watching your body drift
Across the blue hue
The sounds of the crickets
Leap creaking noise into my reddened ears

As the birds fly back to your warmth
I see your shape: life full
Your eyes closed in a state of quiescence

Watching you as you undress
Your form: divine and crescent
Thick scent you bring with you
from the deep ends of the savannah
Welcoming all of us you dare to find air

Yes, I see you
In all your dappled yellow glory

Yes, I see you with my evening by your side


Every day, I’m on the run
I hear a loud cry: hungry terror
I turn back and it’s nothing
Black, bleak, pure absence

I’m on the run
But I’m sitting comfortably
in a room full of walls: fear
Bricks encompassing all around me
Bricks I must surely break

I’m on the run from myself
Fear holds strong me by the throat
My breath shortened day after day
I see his eyes, that
Damn devil of the night
His void filling up my lungs
As the bridge goes further from my grasp

I’m on the run
Standing in my ruin
Hear me pick up pace
Heading for that cursed bridge:
Shackles, injustice, unfair,
Shouts the iron holding the bridge

I’m on the run
On the road, in a race
Struggling to hold still
Struggling to keep intact my voice
Struggling to take that leap of faith, that jump
into the infinite: the abyss called life
Who says the bold hold no fear?

I’m on the run
Though I see my goal
That line, the place I must be
Yes! My hands hold the tool
still I ask, “devil of the night, will you leave me be?
I see his wicked smile, that ancient house
Your soul or mine?” I ask.
Your soul and mine,” he replies.

I’m on the run
Closing my eyes, hands clenched
About to take that leap
That deep long breath
Across the road, life awaits: she stands
Take it and leave everything alone,” she tells me.
So darling let me in, let me in
and I’ll take care of you
,” she sings.