Far back

Centuries ago

There I was

Sitting amongst my kins

A fire surrounding

Herbs dragged in

Stories of our past brought forward

Memories of our way recounted


I was alive

Burning with flames

Listening to drum beats

Wild beasts announcing the circle moon


I was alive

Breathing air

Growing with my people’s spirit

Up I stood and a dance ensued


An uprising, uprising

Rising with the fire

Souls lit with a smile

My people, all there in peace



Sudden calls come running

Into my heart, that place that holds my engine

New decisions come floating through

Two roads, right or wrong

The same thing applies everywhere

Places where one throws away beliefs

And heads deep into the king of bills

With his crown in place

He summons all to his midst

Some with a cup of courage go the other way and suffer peace

The ones remaining wipe and dust the dirt off from the king’s throne

As they do, bills roll through

Down into their pockets

So they smile

For a certain lifetime it’s all good

But it’s all valued with vanity, I say

Lifetime’s all you need brother, they reply

But brother life is time, I continue

A life to live full

For time is a journey full of life

Different times, different lives

This one here and the other awaiting

So why pile up things that fail to transcend waves

Things that fall when the soul is heavy and burdened with grief

Things that lack meaning and proper reasoning

I see you say they fill your thirst

They help you sleep at night

They make women lust over your loins

Oh I see they bring strength and power

I see, I see

Nothing wrong in finding value in things without soul

But the day goes and the night comes

The sounds of the trees lingers to and fro

The dogs bark and bark

Your dreams starts on the mark

The demons you see there holds your breathe

Taste the food, its sweet right?

You’re in with the evil of the night

You’re chained now

Bound by things without value

They make you see life through them

You live life walking on and about

Moving through, time passing by


I am the black star

The gold that ignites the flame

See my shine, speak to God

My strides locked into life

Connecting dots and thoughts


I am the black gold

The star risen to shine

Bringing harmony

and calm

wherever I am


Harmony all around

Battle eyes finding rest

Axes washed and rinsed

Where’s the blood?

When I’m around

It’s all good times, you know

Times you never knew existed


Come within

Experience the sun

Black gold all lit up

Morning stance, nightly songs

Reaching minds far across

the axles of the world

Past the green orbit

Touching up to the tip of stars


We are the black gold of the sun

All present to remain everlasting

Golden Age of Life

What we do to live

To pass along hate?

Bring around spite?

Feel the rage?

Throw the fire?

Never burning with the fire?

For the pain only lasts

till the implosion begins

Creating the garden we all seek?

Every chance we get

To pass along the light

That heals the circle

Closer to the ring

Closer to unity, we fight

Closer to peace, we walk


When I walk

I go with the flow

Earth deep

Carved from the red soil

Wounds gaping within

Sealed with the blinds of pain

The dejection accepted

omegas destined to destroy


So please take out the blade

Bring out the sun child

Child stars born out of gold

Out of fire their shine will come

Spiritual State: Products of the Internet

This place, I know is where life meets dreams

Where darkness encounters light

The light ahead, the darkness behind

For a second, a chat ensues

Conversations through the skies

From parallel rocks, they come

From hinges and nails, they come

Lights, papers, screens, bottles

Words floating through the night

In air, from the lands of blue

To the bicycles and noodles

It all shows face

Real as they talk


This state is where pain meets kindness

Where the sun hits cold

Half full, or half empty

Crucial perspectives

Where’s your right?

Can you tell?

The apple, blood or black

Comes with a price

Pay with soul and remain a zombie

Another age, another stone


Oh sinner, oh sinner

Where have you lost your grief?

Where have you kept your eyes?

You walk without dreaming

You walk as a man without a soul


Oh sinner, oh sinner

The son of man has paid for all

Christ is his name, the one from the father

Christ is his name, the bridge to the skies

Christ, is his name, the answer to earth’s cry


Oh sinner, oh sinner

You say you go tired of preaching

By day, you say all is dust to dust

By night, it’s all down to your knees


Oh sinner, oh sinner

When will you return home?

When will your eyes set onto the rising sun?