do what you want, do what you like, do what you feel

I want to write like black Hemingway
Articulate like Achebe
Visualize like Armah
But what’s a brother to do?
When a meal never replenishes
Stress building up, filling brain

I feel like the black Hemingway
With the way I hold my liquor
With contempt and disgust

Write another verse
And call me a legend
I feel my time is near
To claim that title
To pursue my purpose

My minds wandering again
Far too off
Off onto an adventure
Searching for my next point
the center where my story may unfold

Condescending and Connected

the internet, our world brought closer
like why can’t i look across my neighbors shoulders, we ask
to protect or kill?
to praise or chastise?
either ways i’m close to you
breathe deep, tells me I’m alive
Lies, hate, fear, we’re skin deep in this hell
sounds of the night enclosing, retelling
the jungle front and center
lions left out
humans, demons
culture kept to the dying moment
then revived by the very second of hope
pass me the circle
the white chalk to announce
the return of my suffering

An Eternity of Doom

Sound the death horns
Behemoth has arrived
Let the soul indoctrination commence
Remove the veil
Let the night cover the sun
No more light
Eat the darkness henceforth
Kill all angels
Let the demons live on
Fall with him: the reflected light
Pour your praise on him
Bring your heads for him
A blood slaughter for all
Sweat, flesh, eyes, soul
All there for the mixing, bone stirring
Awaken into the depths of sleep

All These Rage Must Die Down

I’m twenty three
Last year I was born
birthed into evil’s depth
Eyes red like the devil’s skin
Fire as I burn in babel
Leaving life like I sold my soul
No receipts, just broke,
still heading to hell though
Down this drench called Sodom
Go! Go!! Roam a round a little more

Die down
Too much rage, I hold
Please let go of the anger
Too much rage, I swear
Dissipate, disappear
To dust, to air
Cos I need me to love me

Though, now, it’s time to leave all behind
This time, I see the white dove
This time, she comes floating down
The sky streams calling
Heart, legs, dancing
In heaven, I’m sure
No stains, got back my receipts
I see the smile
Brought thru by the dove of love
So let this rage die down
Cos if not, I’ll be right back to this stream

Last Week

I had you in my hands
Your touch, our skin’s warmth
In my embrace, I had you
Your lips, our delicate lock

Last week
I walked you home
Hands in hands
Tapped your soft ass
You said: stop

I can’t, I tried

Last week, I had you inside
Saw my soul in yours
Licked your cheeks

Cos last week
Finally, for once I had you with me